About Our Film

We shot this film over a hectic 8 day shoot, in three major locations. From a beautiful Georgian flat in Clapham Common to the world business centre of London in Canary Wharf.  We had and have an amazing supportive crew that truely believed in our project and the ideals and concepts of our story. 

We used top end film industry professionalism in crew but also top end film industry equipment. Two high spec 5k camera units were used to get the beautiful and mood sentric shots that build and wrap our story into the success it has become. The Sony F65 and the Red Pro 5.0 were the tools of our trade and the results speak for themselves.


A Dystopian backdrop collides two polar opposites in a search for change.

Two men are brought together by despondent circumstances and are fragmented into desperation to console their hunt for clarity.


Two lonely unhinged, unbalanced men distanced from humanity, look for a way to control their isolated environment by manipulating each other and their surrounding elements.

Brought together by circumstance they mould an uncertain almost impossible and unpredictable friendship.